California Training | College Recruiting

Beach volleyball for junior girls is exploding in popularity due in large part to the Olympics and scholarship opportunities at top universities across the US. 

Andrew Bennett, Founder and Director of Tamarack Beach Volleyball Club in Carlsbad, CA, created the "Junior Beach Volleyball Showcase"  series to bring the largest college volleyball recruiting showcase tournament schedule to help players get noticed!  These tournaments typically have 10-16 college coaches in attendance, and they offer clinics run by the college coaches the day prior or the day after. JBV Showcases are the best Beach Volleyball showcases in the USA, with over 200 Athletes having been recruited from our events since 2013. We strive to run the most competitive and fun events, with the most colleges attending, and most information to coaches.


We support and recommend that a Sand Recruits profile be set up some time in the freshman high school year.  Sand Recruits connects sand volleyball athletes with coaches that are looking for players to join their team.  It is the leading database and social media site for junior beach players and sand coaches. On Sand Recruits Website, every player’s performance data is one click away for ALL collegiate sand coaches in the NCAA and NAIA. If you sign up for Sand Recruits you can use the code for $40 off your membership: SANDSTORM

Sandstorm and Tamarack  have joined forces in a club-to- club reciprocal relationship to help girls get more exposure.  We are encouraging those committed enough to travel to California to train with the Tamarack coaches. They will help you with training, tournament locations, and possible partners during your stay. Contact Andrew or Jay to help facilitate this.