One-on-one private coaching for all levels.
1.25 Hours / $60 Per Player 

Sessions are 1.25 hours long and scheduled at a convenient time for the player and coach.



(1) Determine your training level -or- ask us to evaluate the player
(2) All players must obtain an AAU Membership to participate in training, use club code: WWA438. - SIGN UP HERE

It is important that you sign your child up for the correct training level. If you are unsure we will evaluate the player for you.

The Beginner player must have a willing attitude. This is where most 1st year beach and 12 & under will continue to improve their skills such as serving, spiking, passing and setting.

The Intermediate player has some experience in Beach Volleyball or the player has a high level of indoor experience. Player can serve overhand, pass, serve receive, set and spike with an approach.

The advanced player has extensive Beach and Indoor experience. This is the player that has competed at the open level and wants to improve their game by focusing on nuances of the game like defensive positioning, transitioning off blocks, and strengthening the mental aspect of their game.