Nieya Pelski


When someone asks me what sport I play, I respond beach volleyball. I never really thought twice about it. Beach volleyball has been in my life longer then I can remember. It stretches back to when my parents met playing. Both my parents played beach volleyball at the highest level. The stories that they would tell of places they played and people they met always intrigued me. I always thought how fun it would be to travel and play the game I love.  I remember my first beach tournament that I played.  I was 8 years old. It was very exciting but I was also very nervous. After that first tourney, I was hooked. I knew that it was going to take a lot of hard work to try and master this game. Now that beach volleyball is a Collegiate sport and its sanctioned by the NCAA, I feel that on the beach no matter what size you are you still have an opportunity to play volleyball as compared to indoor volleyball where the girls are pretty tall.

Beach volleyball is a sport which require relentless determination, heart, strategy, and teamwork. Volleyball is teaching me many life skills. I have had many opportunities to work with great coaches and play with amazing people. I know that our sport is always evolving and that’s what makes it challenging and fun to play.

- Nieya Pelski