When I first started playing beach volleyball I did it mainly for the sake of exercise. I could have decided to play any other sport but beach volleyball stood out to me because it involved my two favorite things, the beach and staying active. When I play beach volleyball, I feel one with the court. The second I set foot in the sand, I feel this amazing rush of adrenaline kicking in.  Beach Vball also allows me to feel free by being able to dive into the soft sand and be barefoot.

One thing I love about playing beach Volleyball is that I like to be in charge of a large area of the court and I like being involved in every single play, as opposed to being confined to only a small area and to one position like in indoor Volleyball. This is to me what makes beach volleyball such a special and unique sport. When playing Vball it's just you and your partner; therefore, you become much more engaged in the game and really have to think through each and every point.

When I first joined sandstorm I was very excited. I really wanted to get good at playing the sport. I have now been training with sandstorm for 2 and a half years and loving it!. I love how playing makes me feel proud of myself and love the great talented coaches and friends I have made when playing with sandstorm.

My dream ever since the day I started to fall in love with beach Vball is to get a scholarship to college. Another dream of mine is to make the Beach Vball Olympic team.  I'm never going to stop trying to achieve these goals.  If it wasn't for this amazing sport, I don't think I would be as happy and healthy, physically and mentally, as I am today.
Nikki Baer (13)