When I started playing volleyball three years ago, I had no idea how far I would come. Beach and indoor have improved my game in many ways. I have the ability to make decisions in a split second, communicate effectively, move with agility, and it has helped me come out of my shell. Being with Sandstorm has definitely helped me accomplish this. The coaches and players have been like my extended family these past years and I wouldn't trade them or the experience for anything.

     When I stopped playing softball four years ago I had no idea volleyball would be my next conquest. I saw a friend playing and immediately fell in love with the sport. There's a spark I get when I'm playing, whether it be at a tournament or just practice, that makes me excited to play. I'm very competitive and I love to win so drills and queens at practice helps put forth the effort to do so. We goof off at practice sometimes, but when it's time to play we take the sport very seriously and focus.

     Everyone at Sandstorm has been so welcoming and kindhearted that you can't help but want to be part of the family. We can be joking as a family one minute and the next practicing as coach and player. We know our roles in the club and will do anything to fulfill them to our best ability. I know that anything is possible with the help and experience given to me by Sandstorm and I will be forever grateful.

- Taylor Bensema