When I started playing beach volleyball, 4 years ago, I could not have possibly imagined how much I'd love the sport and the experiences it would give me.  I started playing with my mom and her friends and saw how much fun and competitive this sport was. At the time, I was already into tennis and baseball but Volleyball quickly became my sole passion.  As I got more into volleyball, I couldn't fathom the chances and things I would get to do with a Volleyball in hand.  Very soon I started training with some of the area's best coaches. When SandStorm first started, I couldn't wait to go to practice.  My new Volleyball Family has been with me encouraging, coaching and inspiring me.   As I grew as a player, so did my goals and I knew that practicing every day was mandatory to reach every goal.

When I get on the court in a tournament I feel an adrenaline rush.  I try to Keep my cool and focus on the strategy of the game.  I like evolving in the play and trying to manipulate the other side of the net. As my play level improves, the game also becomes harder but I welcome the challenge. I have practice each shot hundreds of times, but knowing when to do each shot comes with experience. 

Defense is also a thrill.  I enjoy reading and anticipating an opponent's next move and picking up their hits.  I have some major volleyball goals like participating in the Olympics and competing professionally.  With hard work,  practice and the coaching at SandStorm I believe it is possible.