I started playing volleyball at the rec. level four years ago.  Immediately, the game impacted my life.  I knew quickly that I had found the sport that I was passionate about.  I started to get increasingly competitive in my playing and I heard about Delray Beach Juniors indoor team and decided to try it.  I have been with Sandstorm indoor and beach for two years.  I have grown as a player more than I ever thought possible.    The coaching and conditioning staff are wonderful. I learn something new at every practice.  I learn about my game physically and mentally.   I have built on previously known skills (serving, passing and hitting) and learned new skills (blocking and setting).  Before I started indoor/club, I didn’t even know what blocking was.  Now, I am a middle and have learned how to effectively block in indoor and on the beach.  My first summer on the beach I did well but I was still trying to learn the rules, playing in the wind, and ball control.  

This summer I have improved much more and have even medaled in four tournaments.       I enjoy playing both beach and indoor volleyball.  I know that learning beach volleyball and conditioning on the beach has helped me as an overall player.  I feel like I am in better shape and I have more stamina to play the game.  I am playing better on the beach and I am jumping higher for hitting and blocking both indoor and beach.     Being a part of Sandstorm has given me the opportunity to gain new friends and family.  The players, coaches and parents are very supportive.  They all want you to improve and will work with you until they see you improve.  I can go to practice and feel comfortable in a positive environment. I have gained confidence in myself on and off the court.  Sandstorm has given me connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.  

Hayley St. Martin