I started playing volleyball when I was nine years old. I never thought I would be where I am today. I started at the rec level, then did a few beach clinics with Sandstorms old Volleykids and fell in love with it. It has been my passion ever since. I have done 3 years of travel indoor volleyball with Sandstorm's indoor team Storm and 3 years with Sandstorms Beach Club. I have learned so much of the game of volleyball with these indoor seasons. My heart though would always pull me back to the beach. I am starting on my 4th season with Sandstorm Beach Volleyball Club.

I love the feeling I get when I step on to a beach court. I started with indoor, but that feeling is not the same. I love how much control you have as a player when playing beach volleyball. Aside from the more time you actually have with the ball, beach lets you develop as an all around player playing defensively and offensively. Beach volleyball allows your skills to continually grow especially your mental game. I love working with a partner and strategizing on the court. It's nice to be able to work different plays while competing. Every match is a learning experience and competing often in tournaments helps elevate my game.

I have gained so much knowledge and experience from the coaching and fellow athletes at Sandstorm. I was so slow and tiny when I first started. I could barely serve the ball over the net and pass. After years of training with coaches Rose, Jay, Morgan, Rick and Tammy I have come so far and elevated my game. They are always great at correcting my game while I practice and give have given me the tools to succeed on the court. Conditioning with Coach Orville has helped my vertical jump and strength. The coaching at Sandstorm is always motivating me to up my game to the next level. There is so much talent at this club. It is also great to know that if I decide to pursue beach volleyball at the college level, Sandstorm will be there to help me on my journey. Even my older teammates have helped me along the way with pointers while competing or even just at practice. Sandstorm is not only a beach volleyball club, it is family. I am so happy I found club with such dedicated coaches, fellow players and families. They have loved me like my own family over the years. They have watched me grow and supported me along the way. All of the experiences, memories, friendships and connections I will take with me on my journey through life.

-Meghan Murray